What We Do

At Ninjadry we like to keep things simple. We offer the following four services for your convenience:

Dry Cleaning

Tragedy…when your red wine spills down your shirt...its Tragedy! Don’t worry about the random Steps intro. We put all our efforts into returning your clothing to its original glory – so you can do it all again! Whether you need a dry cleaning service on special one-off occasions like black-tie dinners, weddings and balls, or you need it regularly for work, we know how important it is to look sharp.

We saved the best to last…you’ll also be given your very own Ninjadry suit bag. With its clever design, it can also double-up as a bag to put your dry cleaning in. The Ninjadry suit bags are made from recycled materials and are sourced from a company in sunny California called Green Garmento. Using our Ninjadry bags means less polythene bags – and we are trying to do our bit towards being an ethical and green company.

Wash & Fold

We know how you feel. You look out into the utility room and see a mountain of dirty laundry. Your heart sinks. Let us be your laundry heroes so you can take the night off!

Don’t worry about separating whites, colours or delicates into separate bags – just put everything into our very own Ninjadry laundry bag and we’ll take care of everything for you.

Remember…no ironing under this service people. See below for our Wash & Iron and Pure Iron services.

Wash & Iron

You guessed it…not only do we wash your clothes, we can also iron them. We know from experience that it’s the ironing that sometimes defeats us. We can take care of everything. Please see our FAQs for further details about the ironing service.

Pure Iron

You’ve just about managed to keep on top of everything and the thought of doing a long ironing shift is too much! Wouldn’t it be nice to spend some time with your family at the weekend without the ironing hanging over you.

Here at Ninjadry we put all our efforts into ironing clothes to the same standard as you do. So just load up your Ninjadry laundry bag with the ironing and let us to take care of it for you. It’s as easy as that – and before you know it a beautiful parcel of crisply ironed clothes will be being delivered to your door. Sounds good, doesn’t it.